Oct. - Nov., 2011
The Mouth Studio, Portland, OR

Layering video, voice and music, this performance follows a feral child from forest to filmic nightmare. Cinematic images, a live chorus, an electronic noise band and a chamber trio merge in a multimedia experiment.
In four acts (CAMP, LAB, MOVIE, SEANCE), Children's Games celebrates the associative, fragmentary and irrational aspects of play and explores the traumatic colonizations of wild space. Pieter Bruegel, François Truffaut and Dario Argento inspire this dynamic mixture of narrative, song and sound.

Children's Games trailer from Seth Nehil on Vimeo.

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Dramaturge: Jonathan Walters
Chorus: Elie Charpentier, Gretchen Drilling, Susan Harris, Katherine Kanfer, Jolisa Long, Joyce Lozito
Video Actors:Devin Lucid, Emily Galash, Alex Ramirez, Gabi Villaseñor, Fawn Williams, Paul Montone, Grace Sanders, Barry Sanders, Theodore Holdt, Sara Mapelli, Palma Corral, Kelly Rauer, Sebastian Healy
Videographer: Dicky Dahl
Chamber Trio: Keyboard and compositions – Matt Carlson, Viola – Jordan Dykstra, Violin – Mary Sutton
Crippled Athlete: Sounds, vocals, drum machine – Seth Nehil, Keyboard, vocals, drums – Taryn Tomasello, Guitar, vocals, drums – Gabi Villaseñor
Costume Design: Misty Post
Lighting Design: Dora Gaskill

This project was funded in part by grants from the Regional Arts & Culture Council and the Oregon Arts Commission.