Kelly Rauer
Jan. 13 - Feb. 15, 2013
The Art Gym at Marylhurst University, Portland, OR
8-channel video (4 projections, 4 televisions)
approx. 20 min. loop
Sound design and mobile camera by Seth Nehil

Weight is a large-scale video installation that utilizes four projections along with two small and two medium-sized televisions. The space is designed to surround the viewer in movement and to disallow the ability to see every screen at once. Conversely, it's impossible to see only one screen from any point in the installation.

The sound runs as a parallel layer to the video. Creaky footsteps on a wood floor and the bodily sounds of breathing and movement are spread across a stereo system mounted high on the walls and the built-in speakers of the four televisions. These recordings, independent of the video footage, add a nonsynchronous layer of activity and combine with the footsteps of visitors within the space.

"Weight" - an installation from Kelly Rauer on Vimeo.